1. Who we are

The website https://www.loook.be/  (hereafter: the “Website”) is an initiative of: 

Loook bv (hereafter: “LOOOK” and “We”)
Stijn Streuvelsstraat 19
8570 Anzegem
VAT BE 0826.961.028

+32(0) 56 777 134

The use of our Website must always be in accordance with the rights and obligations that are clearly stated on the Website and the rights and obligations set out in the Disclaimer, the Privacy Statement and the Cookie Policy.

2. Our Website

2.1 Proper functioning, safety and accessibility

The purpose of the Website is to provide the Users with information about LOOOK's services. By means of this convenient, user-friendly and secure Website, LOOOK aims to make access to information easier for the Users.

LOOOK offers a user-friendly Website that is safe for every user. We take all reasonable and necessary measures to ensure the proper functioning, safety and accessibility of our Website. Yet we cannot give you an absolute guarantee on this matter. We are bound by an obligation of means only.

Any use of the Website is entirely at your own risk. We are not liable for damages resulting from malfunctions, interruptions, defects, harmful elements or other problems on or within our website, regardless of the existence of force majeure or other extraneous events.

We have the right to restrict and/or interrupt fully or partially the access to our Website, at any time and without prior warning. We will only take such measures if this is justified by the circumstances, without this being in any way a condition to be covered.

Access to our site is granted "as is" and on an "as available" basis.  We may change, suspend or terminate our Website (or any part of it) at any time without notice.  We will not be liable to you in any way if our Website (or any part of it) is unavailable at any time and for any period.

It is forbidden to extract data from our Website for commercial purposes by using automated systems or software.

2.2 Content on our Website

We largely determine which content is available on our Website. We apply great care in this respect and make every effort to provide high quality information. We therefore take all necessary steps to keep our Website as complete, accurate and current as possible, even when the information is provided by third parties. We are always permitted to change, add or delete the content on our Website. 

Despite our considerable attention, we are not able to guarantee the quality of the information available on our Website. It is possible that the information is not correct, not sufficiently accurate and/or not useful. We are not liable for (direct and indirect) damages which the user may suffer as a result of the information on our Website.

We ask you to notify us as soon as possible if you notice the content on our Website violates applicable laws and/or third party rights or is simply not acceptable. We will then take all the appropriate measures, which can include the partial or total removal of the information.

Our Website may contain content that can be downloaded. You understand and agree that every download from our Website is at your own risk and that damages resulting from loss of data or damage to the computer system are your entire and sole responsibility.

2.3 What we expect from you as a User

The user bears some responsibility for the way we offer our Website. This means that you should refrain from acts that have a deleterious impact on the proper operation and security of the Website or on its use. For example, the Website cannot be used to circumvent our business model and/or to gather information from other users.

It is therefore forbidden to distribute content via our Website that (may) damage(s) other users of the Website. We may think at the spread of malicious software, computer viruses, malware, worms, trojans and cancelbots. The proliferation of unsolicited and/or commercial messages via the Website, such as junk mail, spam and chain letters, is also targeted.

We reserve the right to take all necessary (judicial and extrajudicial) actions that may offer appropriate remedies to the affected parties. The user is solely responsible for all actions exerted on the Website that cause damages to the Website and/or to other users. If this occurs, the user has the obligation to keep LOOOK harmless and indemnified from all claims that may arise.

3. Links to other websites

Our Website may contain or provide hyperlinks or pointed to other websites and/or electronic communication portals maintained by third parties or may provide third party content on our Website by framing or other methods. Such a reference being made on our Website does not mean that there is any connection between our Website and these third-party websites nor that we (implicitly) agree with the content of those sites.

We do not guarantee or assume any liability for the accuracy, legality, completeness or quality of the content of external websites linked to on our Website or of other electronic communications portals that are not under our actual control. These references are therefore to click at your own risk and responsibility. We are not liable for any damage resulting therefrom. 

These external websites do not offer the same guarantees as we do. We therefor recommend you to carefully read the terms and conditions and privacy statement of these other websites.

4. Intellectual Property Rights

Creativity deserves protection; so does our Website and its content. Such protection is provided by intellectual property rights and is entitled to all parties, i.e. LOOOK and third parties. Content means the very broad category of photos, video, audio, text, ideas, notes, drawings, articles, et cetera. This content is protected by copyright, software rights, database rights, designs and models rights, and other applicable (intellectual property) rights. The technical nature of our Website is protected by copyright and by the rights on software and databases. Each trade name that we use on our Website is protected by trademark law.

Each user receives a limited right to access, use and display our Website and its content. This right is granted in a non-exclusive and non-transferable manner and can only be used within a personal, non-commercial context. We ask our users not to create nor to bring changes to the intellectual property rights as described in this article without the consent of the owner. LOOOK attaches great importance to its intellectual property rights and has taken all possible measures to ensure its protection. We will take legal actions against any infringement of existing intellectual property rights.

5. General provisions

We reserve the right to change, limit or discontinue our Website and related services at any time and to any extent. We may do so without noticing the user. This does not give rise to any form of compensation.

These Terms and Conditions shall be exclusively governed by and interpreted in accordance with Belgian law. Any dispute arising under or relating to the services of LOOOK shall come under the jurisdiction of the competent court of the judicial district where our headquarters are located.  

If a provision of this Disclaimer is deemed invalid, the invalidity of such provision shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions of the Disclaimer, which shall remain in full force and effect. We retain the right to propose a valid modification of the disputed clause(s).

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